Digital Transformation & Innovation 2019

The Promise of Market Disruption and Innovation with Trigent's TAO

Trigent enables you to use DISRUPTION to your advantage. Success in today's disruptive era belongs to enterprises that transform, accelerate and optimize their IT environment for business agility and to enhance customer experiences.

  • TRANSFORM to embrace new paradigms
  • ACCELERATE your digital transformation journey
  • OPTIMIZE by data driven decision making

Value we delivered

2 Million school children tracked

Ensured parents peace of mind, securing one child at a time.

200 Million hectoliters of beer produced/year

Increased sales via Communication & Collaboration platform.

34% data access by employees

Anytime, anywhere access via mobile apps.


Our Success Stories

Intelligence Engine Improves Operational Efficiencies and Customer Experience...
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3PL Gains a 360 Degree View of Business and Capitalizes on Opportunities
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The Next-Gen Healthcare Communication Platform for Better Interoperability
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Trigent Vantage

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Its Impact on Software Testing
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White Paper

Devops Adoption – Why should your CFO care?
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Three Benefits of Digital Transformation for Transportation Management Services
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Serverless Computing – A Compelling Option for Today's Digital Enterprise
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Clients & Testimonials

Tom Gidley

– Process Information Officer, Navistar

We've been working with Trigent ever since 2001, building, maintaining, and improving the bill of materials system. Trigent rewrote the existing program and developed an algorithm and custom inventory system and over the years continues to provide, unsurpassed quality and support. They are receptive and foster a proactive, problem-solving partnership.

Andreas Tyart

– Project Manager, Laufer Group International

Trigent is efficient and does high-quality work. The end users like the new app, which is sleek and easy to use. The entire team is communicative and responsive, making them a reliable and trustworthy partner. They've been engaged throughout the entire project and are the best third-party partner I've ever worked with.